Inside the Shack

Here is the equipment, as it was configured for the contest. I used my TS-850S/AT as the radio (I had a spare in the shack if needed).  The rig has dual InRad 2.1 KHz SSB filters in it, which proved absolutely necessary.  The IF-232C computer interface is on top of the rig.  The keyers to the right of the rig under the shelf were not used.  I ran WriteLog on the 19" monitor.  The control boxes are all to the right of the monitor - the main rotor on the bottom, the Ring Rotor control box above that, and the StackMatch control box above that.  The monitor and amp to the right of the control boxes weren't used, you can barely see my homebrew computer/PTT/Mic interface on top of the unused monitor.  The Alpha 76 was the main amp, I had my SB-220 in the shack as a backup.  The computer and other stuff on top of the Alpha weren't used.  I have never had an amp capable of running the limit on 10 meters, but it turned out that Tom's Alpha is more than capable of it.  So I mounted my Heathkit PEP reading watt meter on top of the clock to the left of the monitor (not in this picture), so I could keep an eye on my output power.  During the contest, I adjusted the 850's drive level as needed to keep the Alpha running at the legal limit.

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