N6NF on the Tower

Here is Tom, N6NF, finishing up the installation of the Ring Rotor.  As you can see, at this point only the top antenna is mounted on the tower.  The Ring is mounted at the top of the third section of the crank-up.  I made up a set of leg inserts that stuck into the tower legs at the top of this section - the Ring mounted on them.  The coax that you see to the right of the tower is the old coax, it was eventually removed and replaced with a new run of BuryFlex.  Just to the right of Tom's head and just to the left of the coax coming down over the Ring Rotor, you can see the plate that was used to mount the lower antenna.  It is sticking out at about a 90 degree angle from the top of the bottom section of the tower.  The motor and boom cradle of the Ring are just over Tom's head.

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